[Northkeep] Medieval Faire...March 26-28...TOMORROW!!!

Tadhg ld_tadhg at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 25 09:46:22 PDT 2010

Well, we're almost there!
Tonight...about 6:30 p.m....we set the encampment for Med Faire. Volunteers are generously welcomed. The more there are, the quicker we're done.
Your packing list: 1) garb; 2) spiffy A&S projects (in progress is fine); 3) armor (if you want to fight or hang out and look studly); and, 4) your best recruiting attitude and generous smile.
There will again be a GP designated for stowage and armor swapping, as well as a changing pavilion.
The waterbearing activities will be out of the hospitality tent, and we will be serving sandwiches, etc., out around noon-ish. If you have something else you would like to contribute, feel free to do so.
If you have any last minute questions or get lost trying to follow my directions (at bottom of page), feel free to give me a call at 405/826-9834.

...brick by brick
Take best route to Route 9 in Norman, OK, (exit 108) toward Tecumseh. Follow Rt 9 East to Jenkins Ave (approx 3 mi). Turn left at light onto Jenkins Ave. Follow Jenkins Ave North to Reeves Park, which is on right. Proceed past Reeves Park to Timberdell Ave (it's the north perimeter of park.) Take a right onto Timberdell Ave. Follow about one block and turn right into parking lot. The SCA compound is due south on the opposite side of the baseball diamond.


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