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If we were repeating yesterdays pedantry, I'd say "you mean 'any-sized regular pentagram'", but let's not go there.

That is cool, and it works (as long as the ratio of the sides of the original rectangle is 17 to 20, like 8.5" to 10") within 1% (besides your folding uncertainty). That last cut isn't clearly shown, but it should be from the point where the topmost piece of paper meets the folded edge to a point about 1-3/8" down from the folded corner (the one that will be the center of the star) if you want the outer edges to line up, a little less if you want a pointier star, a little more if you want a fatter one. In the 17 to 20 ratio above, that's 5.5 of the same units, whatever you're using.


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ool!  I've bookmarked that page.
Also, to get a nicely balanced Ansteorra star out of any-sized pentagram, draw 
he larger star by setting the points in the angles of the pentagram, and set 
he points of the smaller star at the midpoints of the sides of the pentagram.

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 Adalia and I were talking about how to make a 10-pointed star and I told her
 I knew how to make a 5 pointed star like Betsy Ross. See
 http://www.ushistory.org/betsy/flagstar.html . The idea is to make two
 different sized 5-point stars, place one over the other, match center
 points, and then trace over the outline. Voila! A 10 pointed star!
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