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This place looks like it will be awesome! What's really cool about it is that it is literally about 10 or so miles from where I grew up! For my birthday last month, my husband and I went to Branson for a couple of days and left the baby with my mom. Our hotel had a brochure for this place and so we looked for it on the way back to mom's to pick up the munchkin. **I've been meaning to mention this at populace in Chemin Noir but I keep forgetting!!**I believe they are just starting construction or they aren't very far into it. We found the site, but all that was marking it was a small construction sign/sign telling that's what it is. I actually tried to go down the road a bit to see what they had so far, but it was reeeeeeally rough, large white rocks. I'll bring the brochure to our next meeting. :) They are apparently building the castle from hand and wearing period clothes and everything as they build. I think it's going to take them a while (like a couple decades), but the location is beautiful, right in the middle of some rolling Ozark hills. It's sweet that it's in my mom's backyard, now every time I go home, I'll want to stop off. :) 
Thanks for mentioning this, Aoife!
Tara Alexander
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> Subject: [Northkeep] Ozark Medieval Fortress
> Greetings All
> For all of us "how did they do it"-"inquiring minds want to know" sorts here
> comes a new site. I knew they were doing a "from the ground up" castle in
> europe using all medieval methods but wasn't aware there was one going up here.
> What's so great is it's relatively close. Someone on the Ansteorran list
> suggested field trips. I sure wish I could see it! I signed up for the 
> newsletter, tho.
> Oh, yes, it's site is: Ozark Medieval Fortress
> Aoife
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