[Northkeep] OT: need favor from the fighters

Cheryl Kiel azuredecodragon at yahoo.com
Sun May 2 11:08:07 PDT 2010

If you haven't heard my apartment got broken into a couple weeks ago, and I wasn't at Beltaine yesterday due to my car getting the same treatment.  At this point we're starting to suspect the possibility of a neighbor.  As a result I'd appreciate it if a couple of the fighter guys would have an impromptu fighter practice here a couple of nights.  We've got a grill out here & I'm more then willing to supply some burgers if someone else will cook them (you don't want me handling food on a grill).  Between my roommate & I, we've got about 5 evenings off this week & we can look into next week as well.  Please message me if you're willing to help out.

Thanks in advance,


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