[Northkeep] Castellan!

Meryn butrflykyssis at yahoo.com
Tue May 4 11:13:48 PDT 2010

Wonderous Greetings to One & All!

The Great Barony of Northkeep would like to invite All to their fabled lists & Castellan Tournament this upcoming weekend! (May 7th-9th) 

There will be tests of prowess in battle, skills of the lists, keen eyes of the yew, & with knife, axes aimed true. Tales to be told, let arts be seen, the next name could be yours they sing.
Take part in One, or Two, & a Champions' prize to win, Compete in Three or more, for the title, "Castellan"!

Site opens @ 4pm Fri, Closes @ 1pm Sun. 
Competitions in Bardic, A&S, Knife/Axe/Spear, Archery, Chivalric, & Rapier, Youth Rapier & Youth Chivalric, Childrens/Youth activities.
(Bardic Preliminaries begin Friday evening 9pm, finals on Sat)

Castellan competition: To compete you must enter 3 of the Competitions. (2 genteel & 1 martial, OR 2 martial & 1 genteel)
You must sign up on the Master Castellan List @ Gate (Friday eve) or at the List Field (Sat), also please be sure to tell the person in charge of each competition you enter, (IE; List Mistresses, Archery/Range Marshal, A/S officer) when you sign up enter a competition if you are competing for the Castellan title,  so that your name can be marked as such. 

You need not enter the Castellan Title Competition in order to win any of the main competitions. 

There will also be a Fine Feast laid out, an afternoon wedding, a Vigil Friday eve, a Lady's Pavillion @ list side, a raffle, a late night Shakespearean bardic, & many other activities to take part in!

(for directions)

So, bring your sword, axe, knife & bow, your crafts, your arts, may your stories be told...

In service to Crown & Kingdom, 
Ldy~*Muirenn Nia ingen Nath-I*~  & Ld Wynfrith of Moonschadowe
AKA ~*Meryn the Wanderer*~
                            Autocrats: Castellan XVI

PS: Please feel free to cross-post this as desired. Thanks!

"I play with swords
I dont play well with others.
This is a WARNING
I dont want to hear you crying
when you cant find your Arm."


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