[Northkeep] archery at castellan

ld.blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Wed May 5 20:35:47 PDT 2010


bored with watching people hit each other ? tired of watching people with blades and fancy clothes dancing ?
eyes sore from reading all that documentation ?  throat sore from all that singing friday night ?
well dont just sit in camp and eat / drink / snooze !!!
come out to the missile ranges and have some fun !! be active !!, work up an apetite for that giant feast sat night !!!

come one come all and see how you fare at these specialty shoots , hosted by some of ansteorras finest archers, northkeep archers ; ) !!!

i have been ask to post to the list that on top of the normal  castellan archer tourney, there will be a variety of shoots throughout the day saturday, including but not limited to , the baronesses " ladies only " shoot , the " children only " shoot , and several " surprise " shoots ; )

see you there : )

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun

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