[Northkeep] A request from the Baronial Butler

Jennifer Carlson talana1 at hotmail.com
Thu May 6 12:20:46 PDT 2010

Good afternoon, Northkeepers!  This is your Baronial Butler checking in, with a favor to ask.
Like everyone else who is working on Castellan, I’m trying to get my ducks in order, and so I want to bring everyone up to speed about the baronial trailer and my job.
As Butler, my duties are to compile and periodically update an inventory of the trailer.  I don’t track items that are not in the trailer, like the Baronial library or the Herald’s reference books or the loaner armor – just what’s in the trailer.  I am to see that it all gets reloaded into the trailer after an event (or get someone else to do it if I’m not attending), and to report to the Seneschal if anything goes in wet, needs cleaning or mending or replacing, or is missing.  
A couple of weeks ago, with the help of their Excellencies of Northkeep, our Seneschal, the worthy Gunny, and that fellow I’m married to, I completed an inventory of everything that was in the trailer.  All of the tubs are numbered, and I have made lists of what is in each tub.
That said: We need to make sure everything that came out of a tub gets back into that tub.  This is how we are going to start keeping track of where things are.  I use “we” for a reason:  I need your help making sure things go back where they belong.
As I said, each tub is numbered, and there is a list of its contents.  If you are helping to pack up on Sunday, please make sure that everything goes back in its correct tub, clean and in good condition.  I will leave copies of the inventory in the kitchen and in the trailer, and with the autocrats and Seneschal.  I will be on site Sunday to oversee the reloading.
It’s important to make sure that everything gets back in its container and gets back in the trailer in good condition, so please, if you’re packing a tub, check the list, and if anything needs attention, let me know.
In servicio,
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