[Northkeep] May 12 - A challenge for fighters

Northern Seneschal northern at seneschal.ansteorra.org
Mon May 10 08:40:29 PDT 2010

To all fighters of the Northern Region of the Steller Kingdom of
Ansteorra, come greetings from Seigneur Etienne de St. Amaranth!

This coming weekend, on the Grand Day of the Final Courts of Owen and
Genevria as King and Queen of Ansteorra, also the Spectacular Day of
the Coronation of Jean-Paul and Gilyan as our new King and Queen, I
have been charged to appear before the court of the royal house of
Ansteorra at 9:00 AM.  It is the intent of the Crown to elevate me to
the Order of the Pelican.

I have five days remaining to have prepared my ceremony and all
details for that 9:00 AM court on that glorious day.  I am not on the
Brad Leah, Eldern Hills, or Mooneschadowe lists and would welcome
someone forwarding this for me.

With the gracious permission of Their Excellencies Namron and
Wiesenfeuer, this coming Wednesday night, May 12, beginning at 7:30
PM, I intend to open practice lists, both chivalric and rapier, at a
fighter practice to be held at the Sellers Center in Oklahoma City.
These lists are part of a practice and practice rules apply.  While I
know that not all fighters who might be willing to enter a list can
make such a drive on a week night, I will welcome any who can attend
and participate.  The exact start time may slide slightly if weather
requires it and moving inside may be possible (being checked on).
Fighters should not plan to wear their finest; I'm running a practice
list for combattants and not a fashion show.  At Coronation, I will
expect my chivalric champion to enter the list for the King's Champion
tourney and to be armored in my procession.  I will expect my rapier
champion to be dressed appropriately at Coronation to appear before a
royal court.

The lists will be open to any fighter who wishes to practice and gain
experience in a list (perhaps chivalric fighters wanting a last good
bout before King's Champion on Saturday morning).  Seasoned Knights to
the newest Knights, Centurions, fighters with years or only days of
experience.  If you hold a fighter authorization card or you are
calibrated by a marshal and authorized to practice that evening, you
will be welcome.  If you have other duties at Coronation and do not
feel that you can act in this role, please still come forward and
fight and help me determine who will be my champions for that day.

I am looking forward to a quick pair of lists.  Ansteorran fighters
are decisive and I want the lists concluded quickly for those who need
to travel back home the same evening across some distance.  The format
will depend on the number of entrants but fighters should expect
personal one-on-one combat and melee possibilities.  I will be looking
for martial skill, conduct on the field, leadership, and courtly grace
in my champions for this day.  If the format leads to an outright
victor, that person may not be selected as champion.  I may have other
requests for that person related to my ceremony or they may have other
duties that day such that they cannot act as my champion.

I further welcome any who wish to come and watch.  Any who wish to
personally assist me with hydrating the fighters and any authorized
field marshals who will help me establish the boundaries and watch the
fighters and any field heralds who will save my voice for the weekend
are welcome.

The site of the practice and the practice lists will be the Sellers
Center, located at 8301 South Villa Avenue in Oklahoma City (a normal
practice location for both Namron and Wiesenfeuer).  This is south of
I-240, between May and Pennsylvania (or Penn) Avenues.  Print a map
before driving down if you have never been there before.  Check the
Namron or Wiesenfeuer web sites for practice information and
additional directions.

Any questions can be emailed to me directly (please do not reply all
and copy all of the lists) at either northern at seneschal.ansteorra.org
or st.amaranth at yahoo.com.  If you are driving down for the practice
lists and encounter a delay in traffic, please call me that evening at
(405) 213-9142 to let me know and to give me an ETA.

I look forward to seeing those who wish to contend in these lists and
to seeing all who come out to Coronation for an early 9:00 AM court
and the entire wonderful day.

Seigneur Etienne de Saint Amaranth

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