[Northkeep] Attention! 2.8 ounces 100% Linen goes on SALE from today.

Stephanie Drake steldr at cox.net
Tue May 11 06:23:53 PDT 2010

Fabrics-store.comThought some might be interested in this - at this weight, I believe this qualifies as handkerchief linen - it's great for veils and chemises.


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      Dear Stephanie Drake,

      Sale! Super light-weight 100% linen Bleached IL030 10% off!

      Now, this is no ordinary fabric. Ever since we started selling IL030, the whole stock sold out in less than a week! 

      IL030 is in demand all year round amongst crafters. This is due to its unique properties. 2.8 ounces woven with 78 threads per inch gives you sheer beauty with an intense strength of fibers. This particular weight of Linen is quite hard to get hold of, and usually comes at a dear cost. Today you can get your hands on this wonder fabric at an unbeatable price.  

      Here are some ideas on what IL030 does best: 

      - Sheer Drapes/Curtains- IL030 lets cool air and sunshine in yet gives you privacy and protection from the sun

      - Blouses, Skirts, Dresses- IL030's light touch and enticing transparency allows you to make something sexy and elegant yet cool and relaxing. Add a layer of IL020 for more opacity

      - Canopy Drapes- IL030 collects very little dust and because of its loose weave air circulates freely through the room

      - Reenactment Costumes- think cuffs, collars, royalty

      - Lingerie- it really doesn't get more sexy than this, breathe and enjoy!

      - Herb Pouches- fill them with Lavender and keep those moths away 

      From today, we are offering a 10 % discount on IL030 100% Linen. 

      Offer ends on Sunday May 16, 2010. 

      Enter here to go directly to the 10% discounted 2.8 ounces a yard fabric and start saving now!

      Thank you and enjoy,

      Nikolai Karpushin
      Owner and President

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