[Northkeep] Moving back into the fair Barony from the Marches

Susan O'Neal catmafia03 at gmail.com
Tue May 18 09:39:22 PDT 2010

It has been wonderful these years befriending our Calon neighbors and
we have made some incredible friends.  One of the greatest joys was
watching dear Aline who was a fledgling in our Barony over a decade
ago finish her second degree of Higher Education and find a vocation
within that fine Institution of learning.  I felt such pride as an
adopted aunt.  My adopted nephew finished his degree here at my Alma
Mater (we were beginning to think that Micheal liked it here so much
he would stay forever) and has gone on to Weisenfeur to employ his
skills even further away.  I have so much pride in both of them.  My
grand neice (Brena) went to Edenbuough I thing to further her learning
and received a Master's of Art's there, now we just need to find her a
museum in the barony.  My dear Kitty, like her love of multiple
personas has done the same with majors and Colleges; she currently
studying American History at Smith in Mass-it is a short enough topic
at this time she should be able to finish it.

Enough of my great pride.  I have a great need to request help with.
I think I have the majority of things take care of here, unless
someone would just like to come pack some books and either has no
allergies or can handle them.  For the big stuff I have a few big guys
and a truck.

What I need help with is in the moving of my menagerie.  While Peg was
very ill (ask me offlist or in person) animals were one of the most
soothing things for her so I used litter restraint.  We do know the
new chicks will be in a coop (please let me know if you would like to
be involved in the making a hoop coop out of arched cattle panels and
canvas (also, where can you buy real canvas and not the plastic kind)
instead of free range, but we have a variety of things to move.

So offlist please let me know if over the weekend or early next week
you could drive a load of animals from Tahlequah to Collinsville.  Or
if you just have extra carriers I could use-I will be in Tulsa
Wenesday and Friday that I could pick them up or they could be dropped
at my mother in laws at the 31st and Yale are.  For note the animals
consist of a tiny hanster, two tanks with mice, a rat, 2 ferrets, 4
rabbits, 1 guinae pig, 7 cats and 5 kittens born last Thursday, 6
dogs-the 5 small are equal in weight to the one large one we recently
adopted-mu be careful as he has been afraid of several men he has met,
3 budgies, a large number of chickens that should get smaller when a
friend sexes them and takes the cockerals, fish-currently in 4
tanks-but two of those are Beta, and a colony of 10 gerbils in a large
plastic container so it is easy to carry and pack, but you don' want
to accidentally open.

As I said, a menagerie and I want to make sure that we can move them
as smoothly as possible.  E-mail me at catmafia at tmail.com or call or
text me at 918-926-0223

Thank you so very much and if you want help unpack, arrange stuff (see
the house (1914 redone) and play with the animals I'll understand, as
long as you help me keep my sanity you are welcome.
Lady Susan the Curious

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