[Northkeep] A most abject apology, long over due

Fred C Ross f-ross at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 22 07:44:08 PDT 2010

Excellencies, Peers, Gentle Nobles and all within the Barony of Northkeep - 
I, Roselynde d'Angleterre do profer most sincere and abject apologies for my ill-sent post prior to Castellan.  There was no good reason for my actions, but a lonely list of extenuating circumstance that can only be called excuses and we all know how thin those usually are.  However, I offer them up as follows:
1 - Sir Finn was already ill with dust/allergy pneumonia which ways heavily on his heart which, even with the pacer/defibrullator is losing ground.  I was scared and I was mad that I knew our good Seneschal already had our trailer.  I did NOT know that it was already on site and made the assumption that more could be loaded on it and brought out or that someone would do what we did in the old days and make another trip into town to gather up the necessary items.  Economic times being what they are as to when I began, I understand a change in usual actions.
2 - I had just started a new job (the first in 8 yrs) working for quality control for the US Census.  The stress is immense and W/Finn's illness I had to take over all of the domestic chores, the care for my parents, the work in our large garden at my parents property  and meeting other mundane obligations we had committed to.  My life at this point  is nothing but an excuse - but all of it is very true.
3 - Sir Finn ultimately ended up in the hospital with his right foot (from which he has already lost a toe due to diabetic complications) swollen to the size of a football - I do not exagerate.  He was admitted to Southcrest Hosp. on May 10 under heavy IV antibiotics.  He has managed to keep the foot as the infection did not reach the bones.  Knowing how little time Finn and I probably have left I was inept, rude and disrespectful of you all.  While I am still a founding member of this group, it no reason/excuse that I should act in the manner in which I did.  I do most humbly ask your forgiveness and beg you to not hold my ill-spent actions against Sir Finn.
I remain in Service to the Society-
Roselynde d'Angleterre

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