[Northkeep] Seeking assistance...

Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyyah zubeydah at gmail.com
Wed May 26 07:26:16 PDT 2010

Hello, Northkeep & Mooneschadowe:

I have contacted some folks on an individual basis, but am now expanding a
request for help to the Populaces.  Our Crown, Jean-Paul and Gilyan, will be
attending an event in the Outlands, the week of the 4th of July, called
Battlemoor, and it is a five day war event.  Crowns of several kingdoms will
likely be in attendance. With the gracious permission of the Crown and their
Gifts Liaison, I am organizing a gift basket for Their Ansteorran Majesties
to present to the Outlands Royals.  I would like to showcase the many
remarkable artists in Northkeep and Mooneschadowe and put together a gift
basket for the Outlands Crown that they will not soon forget.

So far, I have received pledges for or will be personally creating the
following items:

- jewelry of amber and/or other semi-precious gems
- original illuminations (The Outlands gives out all original works)
- wine or cordials
- a set of Paternosters
- a stags-horn hilted blade/dagger
- woven trim
- clothing accessories (of currently unspecified type)
- a work of cartography

I also have *tentative* commitments for items of metalworking, needlework,
and some food items specific to Their Outlands Majesties taste.

Already, that makes for a lovely gift... but I would dearly love to make the
gift basket something absolutely astounding - and can do that with your

I am looking for artists who do leather work, inkle or card weaving, pewter
or metal casting, jewelry, ceramics or pottery, armoring, banner making,
brewing and vinting, embroidery, non-perishable food items... really almost
anything. If you have a skill, but aren't sure what you could do, or are
willing but just need ideas - I welcome and appreciate your help, and can
assist with suggestions.  If you have skill and time, but not materials -
let me know, and I may be able to provide them.  If you have materials but
no time, please let me know and I may be able to get them to someone who can
use them to create something.

I am hoping to collect all the items pledged thus far, and any additional
items, at the Wednesday fighter practice on June 23rd in Northkeep.  I can
make arrangements to pick up items prior to this date as well, with some
advanced notice. This will give me time to organize and photograph all the
donations -- Duchess Julia, TRMs gift coordinator, has asked for a full list
of those who contribute -- as well as make sure the basket they will all go
in is big enough.

If you would be willing to help or contribute, please contact me off list
via email.

In service,

- Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyyah

Post Script:  The colors of the Outlands are Green, Gold, and White. Their
symbol is a rampant stag within an embattled border.  The current Crown is
early period (His Majesty) and Middle Eastern (Her Majesty), though for this
reign, they appear to be going Norse... They have expressed especial
interest in "leather goods, Large mugs and other feast gear - knives, forks,
spoons, etc, Bee's wax candles, Books about armor,  costuming, or medieval
Poland, especially those with illuminations.." (The Royal Interests Page can
be found here: http://outlands.org/Default.aspx?tabid=403)   I have inside
sources in the Outlands who will be forwarding me more information on their
Outlands Majesties' personal tastes and preferences, and perhaps even
measurements for clothing items.

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