[Northkeep] Historical Question

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Dear Ian,
I keep trying to free up my schedule a bit to come and see you all and do  
just that. It just seems like yesterday that I was seventeen and writing 
letters  to try to find out where the SCA was, and how we could have it here.   
Perhaps it is going to free itself up very soon, so that will be possible.  
I have stories and pictures of so many people...a baby faced Bjorlich at 17 
 (a magic age for the SCA, apparently).  I remember when Roselynde and  
Talana were still in high school :)  And I remember when Her Grace first  came 
to visit us at the War we held in her honor.
See you hopefully soon,
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I wish some of those who were there in Northkeep back in  the very 
beginning who were willing to spin the tales of what the first meetings  were like, 
to talk about those who came and those who went over the years, about  the 
good times and the bad, about the events and the revels...just so that the  
rich history of this group might be remembered and learned from.

Most  Kindly

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