[Northkeep] Greetings, Event in need!

facon at cox.net facon at cox.net
Fri May 7 10:12:39 PDT 2010

Greetings Unto the populous,

We find ourselves in need of additional seating for tomorrows feast which has grown to epic scale :)  The barony can rent chair easily enough, but we find ourselves in need of some one with an empty pickup truck or trailer that can assist transporting them to site.  They would need to be picked up at around 11th and Utica by 4 this afternoon or between 8 and noon tomorrow.  They would need to be returned on Monday.  If anyone feels they might be able to assist with this please contact Meryn(918-894-1994) or myself(918-361-9817).  

Thank you very much,


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