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Meryn butrflykyssis at yahoo.com
Mon May 10 15:05:55 PDT 2010

To all who attended, to those who took part, to most importantly, to those who helped out, you have my heartfelt thanks! (u kept me sane) HE Elisabeth, your cooking was phenomenal as usual!
All of YOU made this event the success that it was!

To those unable to attend, you were there in hearts, and for you, this update :) Our newest Champions!

Title Bard- Ldy Adelaide ferch Dewi
Artisan- HL Dierdre Lasairíona ni Raghailligh (the game board she made was gorgeous)
Marksman- Graydon Redwolf
Archer- Ld Samuel ap Dewi
Provost- Duke Aaron macGregor
MeatGrinder- Ld Morgan Blackdragon CSS
Drighton- Count Romanius (fighter #12)
And lastly, our new Castellan - Ldy Adelaide ferch Dewi

Special thanks to the Barony of Namron for bringing the extra tables used during feast, and to the Province of Moonschadowe, for the loan of their nice wooden list field, and for their crew that came in, cleaned up the Kitchen & hall post feast, & made sure that all of the tables were replaced inside, and the loaned tables & chairs were gathered in a common area for pick-up! You guys are awesome!

I would also like to thank all of my weavers, Ayla, Elsa, Kale, Gemma, Zahavah, & Jutte. Those tokens were well received! Ayla, especially, ty for taking the idea in my head & making it work as a pattern, & in turn, teaching us shade-tree weavers how to double-face tablet weave. :)
And the Scribes,,,Dervilia, Karl, Franzisca, Meadbdh, & those whos names I do not know, who worked on the childrens' scrolls & other scrolls, they were all beautiful!
Ldy Kale & HL Adalia for list mistressing, Maria & Ldy Meadbdh for heralding said lists. 
TY to all the nameless heralds who assist Ldy Adalia with site heraldry, may you feet find rest this week!
M'lady Jessica, & M'Lord Shawn/Sean, for your service with set-up, stepping up to fill missing spots @ gate, decorating the hall...and generally offering to help everytime I saw you. 0.o And Im told this was their first/second event? 
Ld Renault, for being available & ready to help where-ever.
TY Ldy Abby for heading up fighter support! Ty to those who assisted her with watering our combatants & competitors!
Ty to Ld Charles of Portsmouth  (of Namron) for picking up the extra chairs in Northkeep, & returning them prior to his own trek homeward. You now know, 100 folding chairs CAN fit into a minivan...
Thank you to all who stayed after & assisted in tear-down/clean up. Eric & his newbie (sry, I never caught his name, he had 2 really pretty pitt mix pups with him) for the heavier lifting :)
Thank you to all who donated to the baskets (HE Ian, you made my day when you came up to "fill y our pledge" Saturday morning!) and those who donated to the Raffle, (our Barony is going to look soooo good!) And thanks be to HE Mercedes, for organizing said raffle, in a short amount of time, & to those who assisted her with that endeavor, sitting shifts while she was busy elsewhere. 
Ld Wilhelm de Korath (Emerald Keep/Wolfstar) for the BlackStar add & web art designs, & Ldy Lynn the Inquisitive for the beautiful site flyers (at nearly the last minute..sry!)
Thank you HE Kelandra & those who assisted her, with putting together such a nice Noble's luncheon. (it looked delicious!)
Thank you to all who sat gate shifts, ran errands, check rr's, marshalled fields, stood guard. You are appreciated!
Thank you Master Beorhtlic, HE Facon, HE Ainar, & Mistress Elisaveta, Aurthur, & Jutte, (and many others) for guiding me in this endeavor. Your guidance, & willingness to answer my sometimes inane questions, kept me going. 
Thank you HE's Facon & Keigan, for allowing me to be one of the auto-crats for this great event, for my original Barony!

I know I have missed names, but I have faces in my head, so that when next I see you, dont be surprised if I walk up & thank you, & you dont remember me, or why Im thanking you. :P I owe you all for making this experience so smooth & positive.

And lastly...thank you to Wynfrith of Mooneschadowe, my co-auto-crat...without you, I never would've attempted to Auto-crat. Your unfailing friendship, & willingness to stumble through this learning experience with me, has no equal. If ever you need a 2nd, Im your man...err.. gurl? .. uh yea. 

Again, to all, I cannot thank you enough for this past weekend! it was gr8!

 Ldy ~*Muirenn nia ingen Nath-I*~  (whoisgoingtosleepnow!)
AKA ~*Meryn the Wanderer*~
House Wolfstar
Barony of Northkeep by way of Wiesenfeuer...

"I play with swords
I dont play well with others.
This is a WARNING
I dont want to hear you crying
when you cant find your Arm."


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