[Northkeep] Castellan Lost and Found

wynfrith wynfrith at yahoo.com
Tue May 11 17:49:32 PDT 2010

The following items have found their way home with me.  If you know where they belong please email me directly.
2 camp chairs
1 Rapier scabbard
3 youth boffer weapons 
1 carafe
1 water jug
1 file holder
1 fabric banner holder with banners
1 small metal oil lamp
1 metal mug
1 black flashlight
some random feast gear
Burnt orange tablecloth
Childrens book
2 porcelin mugs
1 snood
1 leather pouch with flask
small spool wire
1 medallian (very important to someone)
1 pair gloves
Ottakar's favor (guess I know who that goes to)
1 barrel shaped tabletop tiki
1 metal half gauntlet
1 plastic art tote
1 package jewlry tools
1 toad figureine
assorted silverware
1 batting glove
1 white tablecloth
1 wine glass
3 knapkins
1 metal pen

I will continue collecting the random bits from the other autocrat and officers who have them.  They will be available to be picked up the Saturday of Coronation.  If you cannot make it there, or have someone pick it up, I will try to make arrangements to deliver them to you.
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