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This is great! And so are you for posting it!  Got a receptionist position available? LOL!


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OK folks.

FlightSafety just posted this one.

REQ NO 8311
POSTING DATE 05/17/2010 - 5/24/2010

Click to see job description Tech II<http://simweb/d13/Shared%20Documents/Technician%20Simulator%20Maintenance%20II.pdf>
Click to see job description Tech I<http://simweb/d13/Shared%20Documents/Technician%20Simulator%20Maintenance%20I.pdf>

It should be on the website shortly.

Hopefully that link will work.

It's a basic electronic technician spot.  If you can read electrical prints, handle a meter and not cause too many sparks, this is the job for you.  But I'll be clear.  Travel, potentially extensive international travel, will be a required part of the job.  For example, we currently have techs in Australia, Brazil, Japan, France, Egypt, Canada, Alabama and New York among other places.  (You think Alabama and NY aren't international?  You try finding Daleville, AL at night or a place where people speak recognizable English in NY).  :)

Trips could range from 1 week to 2+ years (Field Service contract - you gotta volunteer for these).

You have to apply through the website but I can route a resume as well.

Because Damon would likely interpret "Flight Simulator" as a mockup catapult.

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