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Yes, the Ada group started back in the early '80s.  Their first event was  in Sept. of 1980 on Labor Day weekend and was Duchess Willow's birthday party. Sir Jonathan McNaughton was the autocrat for it and this is where I first met and became fast friends with him.  He called me a few months later in a panic wanting to know if I could get together some fighters and maybe have Marc (de Provence my then spouse) help build some carpet armor for this giant of a guy who showed up at their fighter practice and REALLy wanted to hit things.. This was the young Sir Yord Yotun   who later became Sir Finn's squire and then a knight. Sir Jonathan MacNaughton was never officially anyone's squire but he did study extensively with both Duke Jon and Duke Inman.  He was knighted on the field at Kingdom Warlord which Northkeep hosted on the Mayfield's grandparents farm (someone else will have to look up the actual date).  This was also the event where Marc de
 Provence got his sable comet (I think that's right) for his armoring assistance to the Shire and for the glorious outhouses and showers that primarily he and Rory MacRory McCloud built on the site.. Marc gave himself heat exhaustion and an almost deadly case of poison ivy when he ran over almost a quarter of an acre of the stuff while using a borrowed brush hog to clear the list field in the dark.
I believe Msts Stacia (or at least her sister) was also active in the Ada group before moving to Namron,  Chuck Carson, who went by Ragnar, was also a founding member of this group and married the Maggie from this group who later divorced him and went on to marry Duke Seamus of the Cats (who had divorced Duchess Karlana of Applewood).  The members that weren't attending college in Ada at the time were older individuals with steady mundane jobs.  Eventually, most of the core group moved to other areas of the Kingdom and the Shire went defunct (sometime in the early '90s I believe).  And that's about all I know about that.
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Firstly, I realized after i posted that the original discussion was on Northkeep sponsored groups.

As to the Ada group, I only had one convsersation with them, over the phone, and when I showed up in Ada to meet with them, I never did find them (they were probably in college, and i in high school, so the neurons-firing-on-all-cylinders aggregate quotient was probably none-too-high :)


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> Back in the 85-87ish time fram, there was a group caled Tandure (Durant OK) I was an officer in. In the late 70''s/early 80's, there was a group in Ada >OK that, IIRC, was named something like Eare Korr..late 80's-90ish there was Rothund Keep in Tishomingo OK. It's been more recently that the Gnomon >Vale/Rundel group failed in McAlester, despite lots of help over the years from Northkeep.

Didn't Sir Jonathon McNaughton come out of the Ada group?

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