[Northkeep] Good News!!!

Stephanie Drake steldr at cox.net
Fri May 28 06:55:32 PDT 2010

Adalia very kindly emailed me the Laurel decision and then I got an official 
email from one of the un-nameable heralds as well.  I'm very happy they let 
me keep my cross.  And I was amused by their comment about the half circles, 
since what I submitted was drawn by one of the Heraldic artists at 30th 
year.  Now to find someone with an embroidery machine and a pattern for a 
tortoise proper!!!

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> Congratulations to her, and to you and the rest of the people that made 
> her who she is.
> I take it Laurel finally published a decision on Karl's submission? Cool. 
> I've bee watching the LoAR page and the submissions status page, and the 
> first only shows February (which did have the decision on Mercedes' badge) 
> and the second shows Karl (and Evan and Keigan and, falsely, Mercedes) as 
> still 'being decided'.
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> For those of you who remember her, my 21 year old daughter Catherine just
> ade Petty Officer in the US Navy on her first try.
> I'm so proud I could burst and had to share!
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