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Fri Oct 1 08:41:52 PDT 2010

     I would be very interested in participating if there is another workshop.  
I have not been feeling well so I was unable to attend last night, but I would 
enjoy helping if the interest is there to do another.  


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with the amount of work done last night, and the number of people that came , i 
would say YES.since it was a very productive night.

to the people that missed it, you missed patterns being cut out, and sewn,tunics 
and dresses being adjusted to fit better, look better,pants being made less 
embarassing to wear ; ), mistakes corrected, sewing machines, surgers, ironing 
boards, fun and good company ; )
pants, dresses, tunics,were amoung the many repairs and adjustments made last 
night, as well as new things being made and measurments being taken.
this is definatly something that everyone from newby to dino should take 
advantage of to help improve our garb....

that being said , i very much want to thank h.e.mercedes for planning and 
running last nights workshop as well as for adjusting a tunic so that i could 
wear it more often ; ) and all the people that brought machines and knowledge ( 
not to mention hard work ) to share with the populace !!!

it was a northkeep beautification project on a personal level ; ) and it went 
very well indeed ( and yes there were guys there with no fashion sense" namely 
me ; )
taking advantage of the knowledge , skill, and fashion advise of those of those 
more aware than myself ; ), but i traded out by lugging tables, machines, etc . 
so i don't feel like a total bum ; ) and since there were other guys there 
getting things repaired as well i didnt feel out of place at all : )

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
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> I want to thank the people who came out to the garb workshop last night to help 
>sew:  Talana, Adalia, Keigan, & Jutte.  We got several things accomplished last 
>night and I was very pleased that people came out and we were able to help 
>facilitate wearable garb for several members of the populace.  I also want to 
>thank everyone for their help in schlepping all my stuff back out to my vehicle 
>when we left.  I greatly appreciated it. And special thanks to Kevin and Eric 
>for their service.
> Now - is there interest in doing this again?  Shall I try to find an evening in 
>October?  What say you all?
> Mercedes
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