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Catherine Lackey catanlac at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 1 09:35:02 PDT 2010

    This was a lovely event, very well done.  The bardic format was challenging 
and exhausting (Her Grace and I wobbled around but somehow managed to make every 
table), the feast was generous and incredibly delicious and HG Willow, Lady 
Cecily and I had a great time.  You should all be proud of what you accomplished 
with this fine event.


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Thank you to all who said such kind words via emails, post and onsite. I will 
carry them with me always.In service to Wolfstar, to Chemin Noir, to Nothkeep 
and to The Dream,
Lady Eve Donald

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To echo His Excellency's words, if you weren't there you missed yet another 
great event from the folks of Chemin Noir.  They always present the most 
imaginative and fun events and this year was no exception.  An example that 
truly impressed me:

Instead of calling up their former champions, one by one and having them hand in 
their regalia and then calling the new ones to receive them, they wove a 
charming tale which included their Champions.   As each outgoing Champion's name 
occurred in the story line, he/she brought forth the regalia and placed it 
before the thrones.  When a new Champion's name came up in the story he/she came 
forward to claim the regalia.  It worked like a beautiful dance--a refreshing 
addition to court!

Something else I liked was the idea of name cards at feast.  As you reserved 
feast you could request to be seated with a group of friends.  However, you 
could also choose to let them seat you (which we did).  Since my husband was, 
regrettably, unable to attend, I especially appreciated the fact that I would 
not have to feel awkward about asking to join a table (yes, of course, I 
received invitations from dear friends).  But, I thought, if I were a new person 
this arrangement would have made me feel much less nervous.

Thank you again, Chemin Noir for another exceptional event.  Congratulations to 
the Autocrat, Lady Eve, who overcame obstacles imposed upon her by last minute 
changes from the site and I'm sure a million other annoying problems inherent to 
running any event.  If she had not told me, I would never have known anything 
had ever gone amiss since from the outside the whole event ran beautifully.

I know many of you, like my husband, had no choice but to miss this event.  
Hopefully, next year you will be able, because I'm sure our Canton will again 
amaze us.

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