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got it too Your Excellancy. thank you.And Adalia as well. gotcha Arthur.
yis, Eve
Gassion-Destreza- (Spanish Rapier) class
Johann(Jon Eppler)-western martial arts
Marc Adkins-slings
Talana- undetermined
Catrin ferch Gwilym-
1.1491: PreColumbian Native Culture in the Americas
2.Applique for Celtic, Norse and Saxon Design
Karl Thorgeirsson -
1. Woodworking without a woodshop: This class is to show how someone can make small woodworking projects with minimal tools and no dedicated space.
2. Siege engines: Types of different siege engines and their construction
1.face makeup and
2.nail color (nail color back then was blue, green and yellow. So if you
want to try this be ready for some odd looks from mundanes!)
1.Sprang is an ancient method of constructing fabric that has a natural elasticity.
2.The Oslo stitch--Nålebinding (Danish: literally "binding with a needle" or "needle-binding", also naalbinding, nålbinding or naalebinding) is a fabric creation technique predating both knitting and crochet
Arthur- leatherworks class
Mercedes- begining weaving for kids
1.Simple Sideless Surcoat - 1 hour
2.Intro to Knitting - 2 hours 
Ian- period hunting and fishing technniques
In service to Wolfstar, to Chemin Noir, to Nothkeep, to Ansteorra
and to The Dream,
Lady Eve Donald
Contact information for coautocrats Winterkingdom
Lady Eve Donald
tresehardy at yahoo.com
Ld Ottokar Luther von Holstein
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Greetings Lady Eve,
I would like to teach a class at Winterkingdom...

Love of the Game...
Period hunting and Fishing techniques, and ideas how to incorporate game into your SCA experience.



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