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Sorry, I am behind in my e-mail and I just read your note about Winter
Kingdom Classes.  Here they are again.


Class Title:  Storytelling

Teacher: Baroness Caroline de Mercier

Description:  A class on how to tell stories to adults and children.

Length:  Please advise, class can be conducted in 1 hour or 1 hour and 30


Class Title:  Skirts

Teachers:  Honorable Lady James Ainsley, Lady Cicily Bridges

Description:  Various period methods of attaching skirts to a waistband and
to a bodice are examined.  Period portraits and examples of garb are used to
illustrate the various methods.

Length:  1 hour


Class Title:  16th Century Headwear

Teachers:  Honorable Lady James Ainsley, Lady Cicily Bridges

Description:  Hats and other headwear help finish your garb and present a
more accurate portrayal of 16th century persona.  This class will examine
portraits for examples of 16th century hats and discuss methods that can be
used to construct hats and headwear.

Length:  2 hours.


Class Title:  Blackwork Embroidery

Teacher:  Honorable Lady James Ainsley

Description:  Hands on class on how to do blackworh embroidery.  This type
of embroidery was common during the mid to late 16th century, although it's
roots are much earlier in history.  This class will teach the basics and
discuss sources for patterns and material.

Length:  1 hour.


Yours in service,





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Two out of kingdom teachers are planning to travel to Winter Kingdom and are
willing to teach classes.


Baroness Caroline de Mercier, Baroness of Shattered Crystal in the Middle
Kingdom will be traveling to Winter Kingdom with the Honorable Lady James
Ainsley.  Baroness Caroline has an hour or hour and a half long class on
Storytelling that she would like to offer to teach.  She has taught this
class in the Middle Kingdom.  Lady James and I have two classes to offer.
The first is a costuming class on skirts that we taught at the Clothier's
Seminar in Calontir in February of this year.  This class is 1 hour long.
The second class is on 16th century hats.  It is 2 hours long and we taught
it at the For Hands event in the Middle Kingdom last month and will be
teaching it at Clothier's Seminar in Calontir in February.


Yours in Service,


Lady Cicily Bridges

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