[Northkeep] missile practice this weekend ?

ld.blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Tue Oct 5 19:41:41 PDT 2010


 i will be out of pocket this weekend, and i know that protectorate is this weekend, but i have been ask if there will be a missile practice here since protectorate is so close ? and if so ,to see if some of the combat archers would / could bring some of their ca gear to missile practice so that some people looking to get involved in ca can try it out at practice?
( yes this means we need to get duck , bob, and weave rebuilt soon ," but we have the technology" and it won't cost $6000.00 ; )
if the missile marshal would post to the list so that people will know whether or not to come out, and if they will have ca stuff available, it would help ; ) as always newcomers and dino's alike are always welcome at missile practice = )
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