[Northkeep] Looking for good links on late period jewlry making

Susan O'Neal catmafia03 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 15:12:52 PDT 2010

On a hunt for resources for Peg.  Her health is doing much better and she is
working on developing a persona as an adult and with all things, feels the
need to get it all lined out before she goes forth.  Her latest research is
1560 Venetian.  I can make her some basic garments, but one of the things we
need to find is a seamstress who she could commission proper dress from,
this needs to be someone who is very patient as things like this are where
her disabilities are at the forefront.  Also, she has been looking at all
the jewlry of this period and is wanting to know of where she can learn more
about them.  Anyone we can get together with to discuss and teach would be
great and books or online sources she could be studying.

I'm writing all three groups as you are the people she knows the best and is
the most comfortable with.  As mentioned, she has some severe disabilities
and they are best managed by proper scouting efforts.  She is really looking
forward to being able to be more active in the SCA and having proper dress
and accutraments for her is one of the first things to ensure that-so what
I'm working on getting that lined up.  Northkeep has Winterkingdom on what
looks like Dec 29th and I hope we can get her where that is in order by then
so she is comfortable with attending.


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