[Northkeep] Demo Nov 13th

Susan O'Neal catmafia03 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 11:32:23 PDT 2010

That cuts the one place I was thinking of.  Has anyone ever checked with
Highland Park Christian Church, we did a scout demo there once and they have
tons of classrooms, an industrial kitchen, gym with a stage, and there is
plenty of parking with their lot and the bank across the road.  They don't
have grass, but highland park isn't far away by going under the BA.  It's
been 10 years or so since I went to church there and I don't know of anyone
there, Belle might as her father used to be their minister.  I don't know
their rental policies, but it is a great facility and it has an elevator
which helps accessability for all of the classes.  Also, another place we
did a demo that might have enough space would be the old Mason building that
I think that Oral Roberts Minstries has now.

Whoever is looking at a site might want to check these and St Augustine
School just off of Sheridan to see how open they are to kitchen use, # of
classrooms, and fighting area.  Those are the ones that come to mind from
demos we've had.  So many of the churches I can think of that have a good
setting for fighting and probably feast and court just don't have enough
classroom space.  I'm guessing they want this in Tulsa; but another place
that has a great space but possibly not enough classrooms is the conversion
of the old armory in Tahlequah-but I don't know its specifics that well
other than it is a beautiful setting by the creek.

Hope this might help some,

On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 12:33 PM, Stephanie Drake <steldr at cox.net> wrote:

> 8-10 classrooms, more is better.........

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