[Northkeep] Am I crazy?

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no, your not crazy.
however, it was not Airforce one. it was one of three stratecig command platforms built into a 747 airframe. this one was doing touch and goes at Tulsa airport.

They are only supposed to be refered to as "Air Force One" when they actually have the president onbord. 

They also serve as command posts for national disasters, and large, multi-state emergencies with federal involvement. that tasking was added to thsir mission by Clinton, and I believe it still stands.

I dont know for sure, but I am willing to venture a guess that this one was training a new aircrew, or breaking in new systems after a refit at Tinker.

Ivo, -who watched all 5 or 6 touch and go's from his current security post.

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Am I crazy or did  I really see Air Force One circling Tulsa today just after 
noon today?

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