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bill fountain 112sword at att.net
Fri Oct 29 18:25:55 PDT 2010

I am a member of red castle gun club out at the john zink ranch if you would 
like to do some practicing I would be more than happy to take you out there and 
work with You . I spent ten years as an armed securty officeer and know the 
course that you have to shoot to qualify!

 Wilhelm der Wulf 

My # is (918)636-6596

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Sorry for the bandwidth, but I was told friends were the best people
to ask about this, and well...

Okay, I am looking to sharpen my pistol skills in anticipation of a
class early next year for my armed security guard certification. I'm
kind of on a budget, and as such am looking to not nickel and dime
myself into poverty by going to a gun range.

So, the actual questions are these.

1) Is there anyone out there who is capable of, and comfortable with
allowing me some time on this land for handgun practice?

2) Is there anyone out there with knowledge of police or security
shooting techniques that wouldn't mind working with a new pistol


Ivo Blackhawk
Cisco Cividanes
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