[Northkeep] sorry messed up last time troll chemin noir fair of the harvest

teresa hardy tresehardy at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 13 13:03:29 PDT 2010

Your Canton needs your help with Fair of the harvest!
We need those willing to sit troll.
Also Pooky and Alys could certainly use a couple of sets of hands helping with childrens activities. Also don't forget donations for the raffle.
I want to say thanks for all the help so far to all involved. I truly believe the Lords and Ladies of  Chemin Noir  and Northkeep are going to make this one of those events where you get to live The Dream.
Thank you. YIS, Eve 
 Fair of the Harvest- Fall of the Dragon Troll schedule
Friday    4pm-6pm- Ottokar and Jenna
             10pm-12am-arthur and?
             12am-1amish- Eve and ?  
Saturday 8am-10am-mercedes and ?
 Thank you. YIS, Eve


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