[Northkeep] ISO Ian, Ulf, and/or Thorvald

Kathryn Helstrom kiamichikate at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 14:30:09 PDT 2010

One of my students who visited MedFaire is extremely interested in joining
SCA.  His father was a member of Northkeep for a few years some time back.
He has some equipment, but isn't sure what is SCA approved and what is not.
He will try to make this Wed nite FP.  If not, he'll try for next week
(transportation issues).

Would one or all of you gentlemen please call Zack Repsher at 918-346-4722
between 4 and 10 pm and discuss heavy armour requirements with him, so he'll
know what to bring?

Thank you for your help.


(Zack will know me by my mundane name, Kate)

Remember this: that there is a proper dignity and proportion to be observed
in the performance of every act of life.  --Marcus Aurelius

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