[Northkeep] children's activities at chemin noir fall of the dragon

teresa hardy tresehardy at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 21 09:54:32 PDT 2010

There will be a sign in/out sheet at children's activities to insure the safety of our little ones.Every time a child is dropped off or picked up  you will be asked to sign in/out accordingly.Please understand this is just to insure the  safety of the children.
In addition to organized activities there will be tables with balls, baby dolls, building 
blocks,cars,bubbles,books,play dough, paper dolls and clothes,crayons and coloring books for those who become too restless during an activity.
Children's activities schedule
915am(after morning court)- children's activity area opens
greeting,signing in, coloring
930am-decorate dragon eggs
1000am-dragon egg hunt
1030-story time
1115-1200- games free play at tables
1200-100-closed for lunch
please pick up your small promptly so staff has full hour for lunch
100-130- origami dragons
200-230-scroll coloring
230-300-snack bathroom breaks etc
300-400-free play at tables,coloring,games,bubbles etc
400-pick up children
also children's court at 400.
Times are tentative and subject to change.


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