[Northkeep] A heartfelt thanks

Teresa Herring kelandra_c at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 27 18:51:18 PDT 2010

I wanted to extend my appreciation and thanks to their Excellencies Facon
and Keigan and the people of Chemin Noir for allowing me to prepare the
feast for this last weekend's event.


I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who came in to help with
feast preparation.  From the ranger who showed us how to use the nifty
dishwasher, to Ismet who helped chop a whole slew of carrots, to Mary
Shearheart and her friend Debbie who chopped many pounds of potatoes, to
Ives and Amadeo who helped get several dishes ready for plating, to Her
Excellency Keigan who wandered in Friday night to see if we needed any help
and helped shell a few dozen hardboiled eggs, to Kate who really wanted to
make Scotch eggs again, to Karl and Zahava who cored about a bushel of
apples between the two of them and  to the whole cadre of people who invaded
the kitchen after feast to do dishes so that Therese and I could package up
any remaining food and get them stored so that we were able to leave the
kitchen well before court was over.  


And of course to Her Excellency Dona Therese' and her husband Don Timothy-my
very good friends-who stayed in the kitchen to assist me with my 'come back'
feast.  This was all made possible by my husband, Ian, who talked me into
doing a feast for Chemin Noir when I was really nervous about getting back
into it. 


So thank you all for the parts you've played in the feast. (I apologize if I
left anyone out! --I knew I should have made a list!)


In service,

Kelandra Carmichael


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