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Stephanie Drake steldr at cox.net
Wed Sep 29 11:21:38 PDT 2010

At populace on Monday, someone mentioned that one of our kids from Eldern Hills is in Afghanistan right now and they wanted to get together a care package to send to him.  I don't remember who mentioned it, nor do I remember the name of the young man - although at the time I assumed that it was Their Excellencies Adria and Artorius' son.  

Who is taking up the collection?  When and where do you want things brought?  I'm assuming you will also accept cash donations to help with the cost of shipping?  (Yes, people, that's a hint!!!)  If you are unsure of appropriate things to donate, below is a small list I found on the web.  I'm sure there are other useful things that could go.  Also I want to point out a website that is great for travel sized stuff http://www.minimus.biz/  They actually have pre-made care packages geared to soldiers (look under gifts and kits) that they can ship directly to the soldier if you provide the address.

Is there any interest in perhaps trying to get together a good sized packet of stuff that we could give to the local Blue Star Mothers chapter a few times a year?  If that is something we're interested in doing, we could set up a box at populace meetings for people to drop things in - then when we had a good amount, or quarterly or something, we could pass it on.  Just a thought.


We can't ship glass containers, so plastic or metal only please!

Just Add Water-Individual Serving Sizes

  a.. Hot drinks-hot chocolate, spiced cider, tea bags, instant coffee 
  b.. Powdered drink mixes-Propel, Crystal Light, Kool-Aid 
  c.. Protein powdered drinks--Muscle Milk 
  d.. Hot cereals-Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, Instant soup mixes 
Proteins-Individual Serving Sizes

  a.. Tuna or chicken-lunch kits or foil pouches 
  b.. Beef jerky or Slim Jims 
  c.. Nuts-all kinds including flavored Corn Nuts 
  d.. Protein bars-Power Bars 
  e.. Peanut butter-small containers only (no glass please) 
Snacks-Individually Wrapped Packages

  a.. Crackers, Mints, Gum, Candy, Trail mix 
  b.. Sunflower seeds, Microwave popcorn 
  c.. Chocolate, Cookies,Granola bars 
  d.. Fruit snacks - Fruit rollups, Gushers, Dried fruit 

  a.. Black or white COTTON athletic socks 
  b.. Dark colored knit hats, Men's flip flops (L, XL) 
  c.. White COTTON crew neck T-shirts (M or L) 
Personal Items-Travel Size

  a.. Powder-Gold Bond, foot and baby powder 
  b.. Disposable Hand and foot warmers, Baby wipes, lip balm with SPF 
  c.. Waterless hand sanitizer, Toothbrushes and toothpaste 
  d.. Batteries (preferably AA) 
Stocking Stuffers and Entertainment

  a.. Silly putty, Nerf or Tennis balls, Yo-yos, Rubik's Cube 
  b.. CD's, DVD's, Paperback books 
  c.. Hacky-Sacks, Crossword puzzle, Word search and Soduko books 

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