[Northkeep] More sad news

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 7 06:59:26 PDT 2010

Indeed any man who can leave his life no matter how long it is knowing so many 
people and touching their lives in ways that he is fondly remembered should 
consider it well lived. You could do a lot worse for sure but knowing Tagan the 
Talesmith surely he would measure the success of his life in just such an 
accomplishment.  With carefully chosen words and simple actions Tagan could draw 
you in and then evoke emotions and ideas like few others I have known...Laughter 
I think was his favorite. To this day I still refer to an old hand out from a 
class on storytelling that Master Tagan taught on one of his first visit to 
Northkeep's Winterkingdom around two decades ago.

I will carry the memories of his stories and the man who spun them along  with 
those of William Blackfox and Kendra Kenmare, and others in my  heart.


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