[Northkeep] A regional meeting at Mooneschadowe

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 14 18:19:05 PDT 2010

>Everyone is encouraged to attend the meeting this weekend at Mooneschadowe and 
>if you have a name idea to bring it along. Here are some that I thought of:

Unfortunately, I will not be there this weekend.

However the last time this discussion took place (as I recall on the Northern List) 
I posted the following suggestions:

"But let's just look at some naming possibilities (these 
are simply examples, and should not
be construed as an attempt to force anything on anyone). 
 What are we looking at naming?
A region based on Oklahoma and Oklahomans (although why, 
if the regional border is the
Red River, Bonwicke's in the Western Region, but what 
the heck -- it makes the North = 
Oklahoma thing that much stronger).

Just as an aside, there were Europeans in Oklahoma 
during the SCA's Period.  The Coronado
expedition came through in 1541; Juan de Oñate in 1601; 
and Baca in 1634.  There may have 
been others also, but these were the major expeditions 
searching for Quivara.  I'd be interested
in what *they* called the region. [To which Emma replied
""Llano Estacado"...the Staked Plains."

In any case,  some thoughts --

Cimarron, Wichita, Sequoya, and such are appropriate 
*Oklahoma* names, but really not 
Middle Ages appropriate.

"North Star" (the essence of Nordsteorra):  
Njorðrstjarna (Icelandic), Astra Septemptriona (Latin), 
Gogleddseren (Welsh), Realt na tuaidh (Irish), and so 

"Sky Shield" (which is no dopier than "One star" for 
describing a state flag): Scutumcaelum (Latin)  
Wybrenysgwyd (Welsh), Sgiath na Speire (Irish)

"Two Lands" Bitellus (Latin - Bitallia?), Daugwlad 
(Welsh),  Dhadautaigh (Irish)"


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