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Well said.


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> I would like to point out something that SCA heralds have been telling
> individuals for decades now.
> When we set out to create our name and device, a lot of us want to put
> our life story into the armory and/or the name. An element of this if
> certainly appropriate, but there are some who are convinced that you
> have to cram your whole autobiography into it.
> What we tell people is that "You give your armory meaning, not the
> other way around."  The same can be said for a name without much in
> the way of qualifiers.
> A purple songbird on a white background may not inspire fear in an
> enemy, but if that is your arms, and you consistently fight well, and
> honorably, time and time and time again, eventually that songbird will
> likely strike fear in the heart of anyone who sees it across the
> list-field.
> I would just like everyone to keep that in mind as we walk into these
> talks. A name can have meaning from the word go, but we, as a
> community, can also give it a much stronger meaning through our
> actions, attitudes and personalities.
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