[Northkeep] A regional meeting at Mooneschadowe

Theresa Kwasny raptorboss at cox.net
Wed Sep 15 14:59:55 PDT 2010


The way I see it,  we already have a regional identity that goes beyond the
boundaries of our kingdom.  We deserve a name that matches that identity and
makes sense, not only within our kingdom, but to the known world as a whole.
We ARE Northern Ansteorra, THE North , and that makes some sense within our
kingdom, But speak of THE North to the  folks of Calontir or Northshield ,
and they are a bit puzzled.  They know Northern Ansteorra, they know us to
be formidable; formidable as either Allies or Foes but they also know that
they are truly north of our lands.  The only place that we are truly north
of, is the rest of Ansteorra, and that does not speak clearly enough of who
we are.

Ansteorra's adversaries pick us out from the rest of the army at war,
focusing on the Moonschadowe scutums on the armored field, or the Northkeep
ensign on the Rapier field, and then they amass troops to send at US.  They
know us.  They know us well!    I know from experience, that it isn't always
Moonschadeen spears behind those scutums, but other Northern warriors; and I
have seen Northern swashbucklers rally to the Ensign, even taking it up lest
it fall.    As I said, we have this huge glorious regional identity, our
actions speak it loud and clear.  It is time it had a name.


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>For as long as I've been an Ansteorran the Region ahs been mostly refered
to as the Northern Region.  I'm not sure that a new regional name will be of
>benefit.  The unity of the northern groups would not lieky be improved, nor
do I think that we should try.  There is a feeling of brotherhood in our
region >already.  The region has the right mix of comunity and competition
already, IMHO.  What is to be gained with this initiative?  I'm not against
the idea,
>just wondering why and why now?  Whatever the decision, I have faith that
what I love about the region will remain.

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