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> I really like the Pegasus idea. No one is using it. It is important for the
> houses of an area to keep the  Independence. I would want to use the Caldal
> bull because it would blend us into the regions and we are in other places
> as well.
> When the Black Star was the Stable Star and was the newsletter of the
> Steppes it had a unique place but when it became the Black Star it became
> the kingdom's. I have seen this before a household symbols is used for a
> group and in ten years it is the groups and the household is left out.
> I don't think that is fair to do that to an household even if they are
> willing.

This is one of the areas where your experience really does help, good
point.  I don't know how often you are able to do it, but it would be
wonderful to listen to the stories of the beginning of Ansteorra.  I don't
know how the kingdom history projects are going, but capturing things like
that would also be wonderful for the oral history tradition to be continued
and preserved.  I understand health limitations and with the coming of fall
and cooler temperatures, gatherings of this nature would be wonderful.  It
is a bit of a drive for some as we are in Collinsville, but I would happily
offer our house as a gathering spot both indoors and out.  We have plenty of
room for a fairly large gathering and are close to some public parking so
that shouldn't be an issue either.  We don't have good handicapt access for
wheelchairs, but by using the back deck we should be able to put up ramping
to safely get a wheelchair in the house.  Peg fell in love with the house as
it is similer to Suer Marcus and Mistress Christians in Grimfells (for the
old timers this was Master Crag and his wife who's name I don't remember's
house and has had many ledendary gatherings at), it is a good space for

> The Pegasus is a great idea, Sky riders. Land of the Sky Riders Wow!! Ian
> you are a genius. Beside of some great songs that can be stolen this is a
> great kenning to use to describe us and would sound great in stories and
> poems.
> O,O, Oh. Could we have a Gold Pegasus on a Royal Blue field with a gold
> Laurel wreath with the gold flames at the bottom of the field  That would
> stand out on the field. I always worry about this because I am blind and I
> need something I can see. A big gold thing on a blue field I could spot.
> I wish I had been in the loop. I love taking part in this kind of thing.
> willow

That is a wonderful idea; people won't mess the name up, it is memorable,
will be great for stories, songs, chants, and ledgends.  I'm not sure of all
the colors that show up on the massive SCA wide battle fields, but the
charge would be easy to spot and rally round.

Susan the Curious
who loves listening to stories

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