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Finer words I cannot think of.Most eloquent as always kind sir.Though HE Ian 
gives praise and encouragement to all,be reminded he himself faired very well 
through the day despite feeling a bit under the weather.Always with a 
smile,always an open ear,always a great supporter to all.For this he does with 
the love of the dream in his heart and a twinkle in the eye.Thank you for being 
the fine and kind man you are.

William of Northkeep

P.S Galloping SFX provided by,Ian and a pair of unsuspecting bowls :)  

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Chemin Noir...is the little group that could.
Their Fall of the Dragon event was very small and sparsely attended this year 
but still grand none the less. Those who did not attend missed one of the most 
beautiful halls that I have seen at a camp site like this as well as great 
displays of skill and prowess, as well as acts of outstanding chivalry and 
honor...not to mention centurions jousting with spears and bucklers complete 
with clip clop of coconut shell horses and rapier duels that left Don's wet 
behind the ears. The feast was simply amazing, one of HE Kelandra's best and to 
each groaning table came skilled and talented bards to entertain the many 
satisfied revelers. Later all joined Their Excellencies Keigan and Facon as they 

showed and the pagentry and noblity of Ansteorra's court with great sentiment 
where many good folk were recognized with worthy admonishments. The night air 
was a brisk fall evening filled with good company and the laughter of friends. I 

being to work down from all the day had to offer did not in my customary fashion 

stay up till the wee hours but I hear that the revelry that lasted into the 
night was worthy of any Northern Ansteorran.

Chemin Noir has such an amazing group of long time players there who hold in 
their hearts the very essence of service and honor and by their deeds they earn 
respect and glory for their canton. They did no less at this years fair and I am 

sorry that so many missed it. However this year the stalwart citizens of Chemin 
Noir were joined by a group of enthusiastic and hard working new faces...and t 
would be bad form not to recognize the efforts of those new to the Canton.

There was first and foremost the fair Lady Volislava their Seneschal an icon of 
effervescence and enthusiasm, The steady Lorn who like the great oak offers 
strength and protection to all who shelter with him, Ker the mighty who's 
strength knew no limits when it came to bearing many burdens, There was Percival 

the very brown who though a quiet soul shown with an inner light that was easy 
for all to see, The youthful Egon whose smile spread from ear to ear no matter 
how grim the task set before him his enthusiasm like some contagion spreading to 

any who shared in his work , and there was Ulliana or Haldora (what ever name it 

is she settles on) who though small and fair gracefully inspired her companions 
by joining in and sharing any labor and more than once was seen gathering wild 
flowers in the meadow, then came Pandallia who moved about the event as through 
it were his natural element as good and true a lad as could be found..It was 
Panda whom I witnessed not only taking on every task set before him and every 
new challenge with a firm set to his jaw and a fire in his eyes at this his 
first event but he also cooked for all those who stayed at the lodge with he and 

his friends.

I can not speak for everyone but is was a great honor to be present at this Fall 

of the Dragon and witness the how the little Canton of Chemin Noir has grown and 

how those good and noble people with hearts as big as all of Ansteorra have 
finally found some kindred souls who with the true heart of a lion have boldly 
stepped into the SCA and now seek their own interpretation of this dream we all 

Well done Chemin Noir, well done. Long may your happy little home stand as a 
bastion of hospitality along that lonely black road that stretches north from 
the lands of  Ansteorra into the plains of Calontir.
Most Kindly
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