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I had an amazing time! I loved the site. It was so beautiful and the
feast hall was awesome!

On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 9:57 AM, ld.blackmoon <ld.blackmoon at cox.net> wrote:
> greetings
> you and your lady were missed as were many others, but everyone should know
> that they missed an amazing event  !!!
> where else do the champions sit feast at head table ? and speaking of feast
> , omg !!! from 1st course to last nothing but pure delight !!!
> but i must say that by the pork course i was tempted to just nibble being
> pretty full already, but it was so good i couldn't resist seconds ; /  ,
> then i only had room for 1 piece of melt in your mouth cake, and had to
> completely forgo the nut bread : (  ( i was too full already )
> where else could you be entertained by some of the most well known bards in
> the kingdom as well as some of the newest bards , with at least 3 brand new
> pieces written at or just before the event ? , where else can you witness
> archery competitions so challenging and fun ? ( i shot with loaner bow and
> arrows , didn't win but had fun ; )
> or thrown weapons competitions that require 5 throw off rounds to finaly
> decide the victor ? ( way to go cian !!! ) , or get to see the first batch
> of new medalions for the new baronial service award as well as the people
> reciving them ; )
> i was working so didnt get to see a lot of what else was going on, but like
> i said, a truly amazing event !!!
> hope to see everyone next year !!!
> Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
> Arthur
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>> I;m glad it was such a great event. I hated missing it, but had to work.
>> Robert
>> On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 9:24 AM, Jerry Herring
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>>> Chemin Noir...is the little group that could.
>>> Their Fall of the Dragon event was very small and sparsely attended this
>>> year
>>> but still grand none the less. Those who did not attend missed one of the
>>> most
>>> beautiful halls that I have seen at a camp site like this as well as
>>> great
>>> displays of skill and prowess, as well as acts of outstanding chivalry
>>> and
>>> honor...not to mention centurions jousting with spears and bucklers
>>> complete
>>> with clip clop of coconut shell horses and rapier duels that left Don's
>>> wet
>>> behind the ears. The feast was simply amazing, one of HE Kelandra's best
>>> and to
>>> each groaning table came skilled and talented bards to entertain the many
>>> satisfied revelers. Later all joined Their Excellencies Keigan and Facon
>>> as
>>> they
>>> showed and the pagentry and noblity of Ansteorra's court with great
>>> sentiment
>>> where many good folk were recognized with worthy admonishments. The night
>>> air
>>> was a brisk fall evening filled with good company and the laughter of
>>> friends. I
>>> being to work down from all the day had to offer did not in my customary
>>> fashion
>>> stay up till the wee hours but I hear that the revelry that lasted into
>>> the
>>> night was worthy of any Northern Ansteorran.
>>> Chemin Noir has such an amazing group of long time players there who hold
>>> in
>>> their hearts the very essence of service and honor and by their deeds
>>> they
>>> earn
>>> respect and glory for their canton. They did no less at this years fair
>>> and
>>> I am
>>> sorry that so many missed it. However this year the stalwart citizens of
>>> Chemin
>>> Noir were joined by a group of enthusiastic and hard working new
>>> faces...and t
>>> would be bad form not to recognize the efforts of those new to the
>>> Canton.
>>> There was first and foremost the fair Lady Volislava their Seneschal an
>>> icon of
>>> effervescence and enthusiasm, The steady Lorn who like the great oak
>>> offers
>>> strength and protection to all who shelter with him, Ker the mighty who's
>>> strength knew no limits when it came to bearing many burdens, There was
>>> Percival
>>> the very brown who though a quiet soul shown with an inner light that was
>>> easy
>>> for all to see, The youthful Egon whose smile spread from ear to ear no
>>> matter
>>> how grim the task set before him his enthusiasm like some contagion
>>> spreading to
>>> any who shared in his work , and there was Ulliana or Haldora (what ever
>>> name it
>>> is she settles on) who though small and fair gracefully inspired her
>>> companions
>>> by joining in and sharing any labor and more than once was seen gathering
>>> wild
>>> flowers in the meadow, then came Pandallia who moved about the event as
>>> through
>>> it were his natural element as good and true a lad as could be found..It
>>> was
>>> Panda whom I witnessed not only taking on every task set before him and
>>> every
>>> new challenge with a firm set to his jaw and a fire in his eyes at this
>>> his
>>> first event but he also cooked for all those who stayed at the lodge with
>>> he and
>>> his friends.
>>> I can not speak for everyone but is was a great honor to be present at
>>> this
>>> Fall
>>> of the Dragon and witness the how the little Canton of Chemin Noir has
>>> grown and
>>> how those good and noble people with hearts as big as all of Ansteorra
>>> have
>>> finally found some kindred souls who with the true heart of a lion have
>>> boldly
>>> stepped into the SCA and now seek their own interpretation of this dream
>>> we
>>> all
>>> share.
>>> Well done Chemin Noir, well done. Long may your happy little home stand
>>> as
>>> a
>>> bastion of hospitality along that lonely black road that stretches north
>>> from
>>> the lands of  Ansteorra into the plains of Calontir.
>>> Most Kindly
>>> Ian
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