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  OK, please, please do not take offense, but anything with 'hird' 
reminds me of cattle.  And 'Efenhird' sounds like someone is not happy 
with the cattle :-) . (Perhaps the pronunciation is different than I'm 
reading it.)

My favorite is still Quivara, but I do agree with His Excellency that 
'Arengan' is nice.  I do not read Spanish, but would like to make sure 
the verb has no other negative connotations.

9/29/2010 11:44 AM, Jerry Herring wrote:
> All the kidding aside many of us appear to be all for naming this region
> something that signifies its people which is a good idea or for being in the
> heart land but that idea is unfortunately not a new one and there are some
> concerns regarding names that have already been claimed:
> AEthelmearc means home land in Old English
> Calontir is literally Welsh for heart land
> The Middle Kingdom sort of signifies it is in the center or things like a heart
> Meridies is latin for middle of the day
> So as you can see the whole heart land idea has sort of been done. A good idea
> but lets not jump on that bandwagon, we are a diverse people who are different
> from almost anywhere else I have been in the SCA so please lets try to step out
> side of the middle and heart of things and step outside ourselves and come up
> with some names that define the strength, pride, unity, and heart of the people
> of Northern Ansteorra.
> Here are some words old English that I have been playing with for name ideas.
> One of them is Hird which is Old English for the people of a family, household,
> region, or race. You could combine that with any number of words like:
> Hirdmarc =land of the people
> Hildhird = warlike people...and this could be a pretty accurate depiction of the
> Northern region.
> Ellenhird = strong people...an even better description maybe.
> Swithanhird = people giving strength
> Efenhird = equal people
> rice is a word for realm or land so what about trying some combinations of
> that...
> Sibrice = land of Unity.
> Hirdrice= land of the people
> Ellenrice = land of strength
> Swithanrice = giving strength to the realm
> Efenrice = land of equals
> How about getting outside the box a little and going with something like...
> Bunewald = the mighty cup, referring to our love of strong drinks and the skill
> of our brewers could also be Bunellen.
> Orfworth = Cattle court referring to the regions history and modern ties to the
> ranching industry.
> Àrengan= Which means to make proud, raise up, or exalt. Personally I think this
> one is my favorite so far.
> There are a lot of name concepts out there and each of us has to find the one
> that best represents the people of this Northern Region and then take it to
> heart. We must rely upon the heralds to find the best format for that name and
> then Kingdom and Society to allow us to use it. This naming movement has caught
> a fire in many of us and for my part I am simply trying to fuel those fires of
> thought in each of us and help head these ideas in a constructive direction. I
> believe that there are more meetings planned I know there is talk of Namron, and
> Eldern Hills these opportunities will be there for people attend and openly
> share their thoughts and ideas before more steps are taken to bring this project
> from concept to completion.
> Kindly
> Ian
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