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I had a thought that maybe someone can run with to find variations in other languages.

We are looking for a name to represent the NORTHern region, right?
We are Ansteorra-the home of the black STAR, right?

Why not find a name that represents the NORTH STAR- like Polaris? What would this be in other languages?

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All the kidding aside many of us appear to be all for naming this region 
something that signifies its people which is a good idea or for being in the 
heart land but that idea is unfortunately not a new one and there are some 
concerns regarding names that have already been claimed:
AEthelmearc means home land in Old English
Calontir is literally Welsh for heart land
The Middle Kingdom sort of signifies it is in the center or things like a heart
Meridies is latin for middle of the day
So as you can see the whole heart land idea has sort of been done. A good idea 
but lets not jump on that bandwagon, we are a diverse people who are different 
from almost anywhere else I have been in the SCA so please lets try to step out 
side of the middle and heart of things and step outside ourselves and come up 
with some names that define the strength, pride, unity, and heart of the people 
of Northern Ansteorra. 

Here are some words old English that I have been playing with for name ideas. 
One of them is Hird which is Old English for the people of a family, household, 
region, or race. You could combine that with any number of words like:

Hirdmarc =land of the people
Hildhird = warlike people...and this could be a pretty accurate depiction of the 
Northern region. 

Ellenhird = strong people...an even better description maybe. 
Swithanhird = people giving strength
Efenhird = equal people

rice is a word for realm or land so what about trying some combinations of 

Sibrice = land of Unity.
Hirdrice= land of the people
Ellenrice = land of strength
Swithanrice = giving strength to the realm
Efenrice = land of equals

How about getting outside the box a little and going with something like...

Bunewald = the mighty cup, referring to our love of strong drinks and the skill 
of our brewers could also be Bunellen.
Orfworth = Cattle court referring to the regions history and modern ties to the 
ranching industry.

Àrengan= Which means to make proud, raise up, or exalt. Personally I think this 
one is my favorite so far.

There are a lot of name concepts out there and each of us has to find the one 
that best represents the people of this Northern Region and then take it to 
heart. We must rely upon the heralds to find the best format for that name and 
then Kingdom and Society to allow us to use it. This naming movement has caught 
a fire in many of us and for my part I am simply trying to fuel those fires of 
thought in each of us and help head these ideas in a constructive direction. I 
believe that there are more meetings planned I know there is talk of Namron, and 
Eldern Hills these opportunities will be there for people attend and openly 
share their thoughts and ideas before more steps are taken to bring this project 
from concept to completion.

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