[Northkeep] Just a point on names

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I like something with effen in it so that we can then say we are Effen Awesome!


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> OK, please, please do not take offense, but anything with 'hird' 
> reminds me of cattle. And 'Efenhird' sounds like someone is not happy 
> with the cattle :-) . (Perhaps the pronunciation is different than I'm 
> reading it.)

No, that's pretty much how it's pronounced.  As in "That Effin' herd from Ansteorra."
> My favorite is still Quivara, but I do agree with His Excellency that 
> 'Arengan' is nice. I do not read Spanish, but would like to make sure 
> the verb has no other negative connotations.

I'm with you on the Quivara thing - especially if it's pronounced as I think is 
correctly - "ki-VAR-ah".  We might even go with Quivaria, to slide a little from the
historical.  But I think we're going not get this...
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