[Northkeep] Care package

Amadeo Estevão rockmeamadeo at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 15:24:41 PDT 2010

Joshua told me that candy and magazines are very much in demand especially
Maxim, Sports Illustrated and National Geographic.  DVDs are always welcome,
as are paperback books.

A few things to remember, nothing obscene, no pork products and we cant send
a box of non Muslim literature of any kind.  They are only allowed to have
religious in the amount appropriate for personal use.  BTW I am not
personally acquainted with his religious views so lets hold of on sending
him anything in that category, unless someone that knows him more intimately
has suggestions there.

I will not be at fighter practice tonight, and the APO/FPO boxes will not
get here until next week some time so there is no rush to get anything to me
before next week.  Of course should you want me to pick anything up or if
you want to drop anything off with me just let me know.


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