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Ivo, I believe the abridged answers are:
1) Ansteorra has owned the heraldic title of Nordsteorra since January 1992 and
2) you, oh Northern Regional herald, are the Nordsteorra herald.

While it doesn't necessarily address the specific question of why (or how) we have referred to the region and the herald equally, it seems to me a simple act of projection.

Of course, Emma's point is well taken. We should give all due consideration to a plausible place-name for the place that is our Region, and allow the natural derivative for the people to follow, e.g., Calontir has Calons or Calontiri (I've heard both).



...brick by brick

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Okay, I am asking this because I have already gotten 3 conflicting
answers, and this question is largely pointed at our Start Principal
but that hardly bars anyone from answering.

How would a name for the northern region be registered as regions are
not SCA recognized official divisions of a kingdom (as I understand

Furthermore, who (person or entity) have ownership of the name?

Ivo Blackhawk
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