[Northkeep] Completely OT but incredibly humorous to the computer geeks - actual Help Desk ticket received at EMSA today: key_oard malfunction

Emily Minier adalia.nyx at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 13:25:16 PDT 2011

User has submitted a work order for the following issue: key_oard

The Description entered is: Friday, April 01, 2011 2:31:02 PM by
EmailRequestManagement - (Public)
Work Order created via E-mail Monitor Policy: Default

Subject: key_oard malfunction

My key_oard doesn’t type the letter after A.

Can someone replace my key_oard, please?

When my boss read this ticket, he said to me "The s's look fine in her
email, but why is she using an underscore for the letter b?"

HL Adalia VonderBerg

There are two ways to be creative.  One can sing and dance.  OR one can
create an environment where singers and dancers flourish - Warren Bennis

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