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Hello everyone from Duke Jonathan and Duchess Willow
May first will be the SCA birthday and His Grace and mine 30Th wedding Anniversary. We are rounded it up to the nearest SCA event and that will be at Castelan in Northkeep on the first weekend in May. 
To celebrate our time together and with you I have decided to give gifts of Largess to anyone who can entertain us with some songs from our youth. Many of these songs ot this site go back to those times so please learn them and sing along. I will have books with some of the words along with some old, old songbooks.
If  you have old song books please make some copies and share them and help make this celebration special.   
If any of you remember some of the Inquiry songs that would be a hoot. "Jonathan, superstar" taken  from "Jesus Christ, Superstar" was always good for a laugh. I would also like to hear the "There is a tavern in the town and there my Queen sits her down" that was from our first reign. I know I was not suppose to hear that one but I thought it was funny. 
His Grace's favorite songs of the time was Minstrel Boy, Men of Harlick and Rocky Road to Dublin.
These last 35 years haven't just been our time together it has been an adventure that we have shared together with many of you. Many of our good friends have left us and many more will leave us. Let us come together and share a drink in joy and remember the names of distant friends and celebrate all the good times we have had and toast all the good time to come. 
John and willow 

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I've spent the last few days setting up a "Bjornsborg by Night" playlist
YouTube. I still have about a dozen songs to track down, but there's 
over 50 of

the Olde Time Bjornsborg favorites here:


I have hopes that this will make it easier for people to learn the old 



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