[Northkeep] northern region characteristics continued

Ld.blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Sat Apr 23 16:29:55 PDT 2011


a while back, ( before it got all quiet on the list ) it was pointed out that one of the main things that makes this entire area
( Okla.,and parts of Texas ,Kansas, mo,ark,co. ) unique , is that for generations we were without control, or support from any large city or government.  and so came to rely most heavily on ourselves , and our neighbors , instead of the governing bodies .

which is why most people feel a deep sense of " home " in this region, as well as why many people feel a disconnection with the rest of the kingdom , which is most commonly firmly seated in the densely populated cities of far south Texas , with rare random visits from some crowns.

our mannerism's are not big city mannerism's, our ways of seeing things are not big city / corporate , but more small town, church social.
where we give our word only when we mean it. and we are honor bound to make it happen.
do we still answer the call to war ? yes ! , are we still a part of ansteorra ? yes ! 
but we do it in our own way . it is my understanding that the northern region has for years lead the way at gulf wars in number of service hours earned for the kingdom , on top of sending our warriors out to swat anyone silly enough to attack ansteorra !!
I believe we also did a regionally sponsored feed this year, as well as donated many items for the crown gift baskets.

others may knock us down , but we are just too darn stubborn to stay down.
others may block our path, but we are just too darn stubborn to quit .
because we gave our word.

we have an attitude that says " we will face you , no matter what the odds , and we will do it again and again until we win !! " 
and then we'll do it a few more times for good measure : )

so what word or words do you believe brings to mind an image of stubborn self reliance ? fierce warriors , and a people that give greatly of themselves ? ( both in service and property ) .......

for me ( at least right now ; ) , the words I would use to describe the populace of the northern region would be " the honor bound !! "

just my opinions, your 2 liter may not be as full ; )

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

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