[Northkeep] Bow for Sale

Kathryn Helstrom kiamichikate at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 14:38:23 PDT 2011

One of my students has had a recurve bow sitting in his closet gathering
dust for over a year, and he wants to sell it.  He says it's handmade, about
5' high, and about 10 years old.  It hasn't been strung as long as he's had
it (it was passed down through family and friends), so he doesn't know what
the pull poundage is.  He doesn't know much about bows, but he says the
original owner paid over $500 for it.  (How true that is is anyone's
guess.)  He just wants someone who would actually use it to come take it off
his hands for $50 obo.  Please contact me off list and I'll give you his
phone number so you can go by his house to see it.  He says first one to
come up with green money takes it away.
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