[Northkeep] Dervilia & Thorvald are making a move.....

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You'd think by now he'd let me proofread anything he prints before he sends it, but alas, I must read it after it is sent and make the comment: you forgot to tell them what time. I would like helpers to arrive no earlier than 9 am.

We will be packing most of the day tomorrow, but I can guarantee not everything will be ready to go, which is okay since I own a truck and we have a week left. But I would like the bulk of it moved on Sat, mostly the heavy stuff that I cannot move myself. 

BTW, anybody need to purchase a dryer for $40. The washer broke a belt last week, so I would include it for free. I also have a small dinette table with 3 chairs for $20, and a nice black leather loveseat that is still fairly new for $60. No holds...first to pay takes it away.
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Subject: [Northkeep] Dervilia & Thorvald are making a move.....
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Has many of you know Dervilia closed on a house the day we left for Gulf War. 
Since returning we have been working on some remodeling she wanted to get done 
before moving in. Well now enough has been done that we can do just that. This 
Saturday we are moving out of the apartment. If anyone is willing to give hand 
in this it would be appreciated. We are getting a moving van and hope to get all 
in one load. The address is 4909 E 76th St Apt 303, this is the Ridge Park 
apartment complex.


The problem with today is: They just won't let you load the boys (and girls) up 
in the boat and sail down the coast to burn someone's damn village down.
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